A Just in Time Age

Our expedite and air solutions provide peace of mind that your shipment will arrive in tact and on time. 3PL Freight Services provides superior velocity and timely execution for air cargo services, air counter services, next flight out and any mode expedite ground service including, truckload, straight truck or cargo van.

We can help with any need anywhere whether it is an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) that requires an immediate repair part or critical material required to keep an assembly line from shutting down. Our expedite team has the solution to speed the shipment through the supply chain.

Air Freight

When it comes to air freight, nobody handles your cargo better than we do. 3PL Freight Services will efficiently move your freight and provide you with a number of options to meet your supply chain requirements. Whether your needs are door-to-door, airport-to-door, or any combination thereof, our air freight services offer world class speed and cost effectiveness.

Our experienced operations agents will arrange both ground and air segments to meet your exact, custom requirements. With thousands of partner carriers and certified TSA agents worldwide, 3PL ensures that your freight is moved quickly and cost effectively at the highest service level available.

Ground Freight

3PL Freight Services helps customers get it right the first time. That means choosing the right mode, getting the right price, and making the right decision every time you move freight. The result? The satisfaction of knowing your expedited shipment will arrive safely, securely, and on time.

Greater Speed

Years of managing the world’s most critical shipments has created a culture with a sense of urgency. We provide as many as 15 cost estimates in just 15 minutes. You can’t do that by phone, and no competitor can match our service.

The Right Equipment

  • Cargo and sprinter vans
  • Straight trucks of any size
  • Tractor trailers
  • Flatbeds
  • Specialized equipment
  • HazMat


Our technology provides an online window into our service. There’s nothing we do that you can’t see and approve. That way, you’re managing freight without giving up control.


Because our Leveraged Platform procurement system operates in full view of our customers, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for every dollar you spend on expedited services with 3PL Freight Services.

Courier Services

3PL Freight Services offers hand-carry, On-Board Courier services with dedicated professionals who maintain constant contact with customers’ precious goods. Our TSA-certified couriers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and take pride on-time deliveries and repeat customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we continuously update clients regarding the status and position of deliveries. The result? Confidence throughout the lifecycle of each delivery.


We maximize the personal attention given to your cargo.


  • Multi-national couriers ready to depart on next flight out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Customs clearance upon arrival
  • On-Board Courier freight, checked on as carry-on or as luggage, has the highest priority, higher than air freight cargo
  • Later cut-off times versus air freight fixed flight schedules


Our attention to quality and professional On-Board Courier services results in continual customer satisfaction. Our customers can be sure they’re getting the best available price for the best available class of service. We’ll prove it.


We provide continuous monitoring of courier and flight locations.


Our prices are affordable and our service is impeccable. Value and confidence is delivered every time you leverage our services.

If you think you need to move your precious goods via On-Board Courier, our people are ready any time of the day or night to professionally assist you. You can reach us at 866-276-9431 or

3PL Freight Services utilizes the logistics Leveraged Platform of TForce Worldwide to reduce transportation costs, provide superior transportation services and optimize supply chain velocity.

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