Beyond LTL and Truckload

3PL Freight Services’ unique leverage and understanding of the LTL and Full Truckload markets allow us to generate exceptional relationships with carriers that drives down costs, improves velocity and optimizes supply chain carrier sourcing.  We collaborate with you and our extensive carrier network to create win-win-win partnerships that transform your logistics operations into a distinct competitive advantage.

Sourcing and Qualification

After a thorough operational review and supply chain data analysis, we develop a strategic carrier plan that ensures you have the carrier network that fits your operational and service needs.

You can select carriers based on least-cost, best service, proven dependability and professional preference. You benefit from our Leveraged Platform preferred 3PL status that drives a large pool of best in class carriers to participate in all RFQs.

When it comes to selecting between new and incumbent carriers, the choice is you. We provide you access and expert recommendations while you make the decision that is best for your business.

RFQ Management

Our carrier pricing teams are experts at conducting carrier Requests for Proposal on your behalf.  Our collaborative approach allows you to identify your carrier preferences within our Leveraged Platform.

We analyze RFP results and costs from our Leveraged Platform to make recommendations based on our  market knowledge and transportation capacity environment. Should you decide to work with new service providers as a result of the RFP process, we’ll organize carrier meetings to help your team become acquainted with those new service providers.

Our continuous improvement philosophy and Leveraged Platform ensures ongoing competitive cost containment through continual contract negotiation and renewal.

Contract and Rate Administration

Utilizing our Leverage Platform minimizes your costs associated with carrier contract and rate administration, allowing your team to focus more effort on customer acquisition and revenue generating activities.

We understand the importance of contract protection and the issues of risk and liability.

Our carrier management teams implement contracts with best in class carriers.  Our contracts protect you against losss, damage and liability.  Transparency, fairness and simplicity are what make our contracts attractive to carriers.  Rates, classes, rules and FSC are completely transparent to all clients and carriers.

3PL Freight Services utilizes the logistics Leveraged Platform of TForce Worldwide to reduce transportation costs, provide superior transportation services and optimize supply chain velocity.

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