Get the Information You Need When You Need It

Backed with solid financial resources by RRD’s TForce Worldwide, 3PL Freight Services and TForce Worldwide invests millions of dollars in Information Technology (IT) annually. With strong fiscal and people assets, 3PL Freight Services offers true integrated transportation solutions that offer multiple services, modes and carriers. This requires sophisticated, behind-the-scenes IT systems; not just up-front user screens that give the illusion of seamless service, mode and carrier integration.

Be more productive with web-based tools that enable you to:

  • Select your carriers of choice
  • Get reliable rate quotes instantly
  • Schedule pick-ups effortlessly
  • Track and trace shipments in real-time
  • Collect shipment data and report on past deliveries

Our local, nationwide offices are staffed by knowledgeable transportation professionals, averaging more than 15 years industry experience. With a commitment to keeping current with the latest market trends and technology, our people update their skills and build expertise with continuing education.

3PL Freight Services utilizes the logistics Leveraged Platform of TForce Worldwide to reduce transportation costs, provide superior transportation services and optimize supply chain velocity.

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